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Behind the scenes on ‘The Bachelor’

In last night’s episode of The Bachelor, someone familiar might just have appeared. I’ve always be a fan of the show and loved watching, so when I was asked to help explore intimacy and connections between Matt and the final 5, I didn’t hesitate to jump in. But, of course I always have more to say… (I could talk a fish under water). Throughout the day I spent on set, we ran two activities to help Matt explore the unspoken bond, deep intimacy and connection he had with each of the girls. What I loved about this concept is that there is a decent part of this show based on superficial aspects. Of course, you have to be attracted to someone as well as have a bond. There is a lot of talk about futures matching up and ticking things off a list. At this point, the idea of explore…

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Do you want to share your dating stories with me?

Are you single and struggling in the dating world? Would you like to take part in a brand-new audio series with me? I am looking for single people of any sexual orientation and identity, to take part in a new series exploring the world of dating and the issues people face, with an emphasis on building non-visual connections. We live in new era where dating is more fast paced and superficial and it feels as though there is a new app and dating trend each day. It can often seem confusing and overwhelming, but so many are just searching for that same thing, a connection with another. Are you on the dating scene and need guidance with finding the right match, to explore intimacy, or how to prepare for that all important first date? I would love to hear your dating stories, good or bad and share how dating has…

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How To Tell If Polyamorous Relationships Are Right For You | ASK DR NIKKI

“My best friend is asking me to have sex with her husband. She is on medication and has a non-existent sex drive. I am single. We do a lot of family stuff together since our kids are the same age. She even sends me articles about polyamory. Any advice would be helpful.”   The part of this situation that I wish I knew is how do you feel about it. Now, this might sound a bit odd to some people. This might even sound a bit odd to you Sally, but don’t ever judge somebody for what their sexual desires are. We all have a unique and different way of constructing a relationship. I would nearly say this is flattering that obviously, there is enough trust there which is recognized. If she doesn’t have a sex drive towards her partner anymore and her partner still desires sex, then maybe being…

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How to Stop Being Insecure In A Relationship | ASK DR NIKKI

“Hi Dr Nikki. I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now and this is my first serious relationship. He is an amazing guy and he treats me so well. We both go to the same college but we have different majors. He’s a civil engineering major and I’m biology major. He is friends with a girl who is in his classes and he studies with her and has projects to do with her. I always thought that she had a thing for him but perhaps this is because I think most girls do and I will admit that I’m not the most secure person. She has a boyfriend for three years, I recently found out. They’re currently in a long-distance relationship so they go to different colleges. But, how do I get rid of this uncomfortable insecure feeling whenever he mentions her or is with her. Is…

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