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Dating is different these days and the traditional rules just don’t seem to always apply. It’s important to challenge the ideals that surround you to become the most dateable version of you and to make the best decision for yourself, enjoying this single but dating life along the way. We now have the right to live the life men have been doing for years, we just need a little help and advice to work out how to do it our way.

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Ask Dr Nikki – I Need My Vibe

Dear Dr Nikki, I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 months and after a few months of being sexual, I want to admit to him that I need a vibrator to reach an orgasm. He keeps telling me he wants to be the one to give me an orgasm. I don’t know how to tell him I need my vibrator without offending him. How do I talk to him about this? Thanks, Allie   Hi Allie, This is  a really common issue when it comes to women wanting to use vibrators. I’m assuming if you are saying you feel you need a vibrator to reach orgasm that you are talking about clitoral stimulation. As much as 80% of women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation, so you are most certainly not in the minority here. The problem is for those women who prefer clitoral simulation, the clitoris is often missed…

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Dating and Money – Who should pay?

Dating and money is one of those awkward situations we don’t seem to be able to get the handle of. It can also be a deal breaker if someone doesn’t at least offer or if going dutch is insisted upon? In the past, when woman were chosen to be dated, didn’t have jobs or independence, a man paid and that was that. There was no going back and forth with the bill and there was no bill debate.  But now in the age of feminism, jobs and choices, what should be the norm? I’m a somewhat old fashioned type of girl, but also an open-minded Sexologist, so I’m not going to just say a man should pay. Instead let’s try look at why a woman shouldn’t? That’s when the debate starts to get interesting because I can’t think of one reason why we can’t. It also doesn’t feel good enough…

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Ask Dr Nikki – The Rules of Taking a Break

Dear Dr Nikki, My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and we have hit some tough times. We are just arguing a lot and finding that living together is a bit of a struggle. After we spoke about it, we decided to take a break but also wanted to make some rules about what that break means. We have decided to not have any contact for two months, but I also feel that it will be so hard to do. What are your thoughts and rules on taking a break?   Thanks, Kara   Hi Kara, Taking a break can be a scary word as it does sound close to the words breaking up. In some sense it is nearly a trial breakup to see if you could live life without each other, but it can be a great way to get some space from the issues…

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Why we need to support egg freezing?

Over two and a half year ago, I made the decision to freeze my eggs. Not only did I freeze my eggs, but I also documented my journey to share with others, as I felt it was something so many were unaware of, had myths about and that there was so much shame and stigma surrounding this procedure. I didn’t really think beyond making the documentary, I just did it because I felt it was something I could do to help others. Over two and a half years, I’m still talking about this subject, footage from my documentary is still being shown and it’s more relevant now than ever. I have received so many messages from women, thanking me for sharing my story, but also from women telling me they only wish they had frozen their eggs at a younger age, women who started this process maybe later in life…

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