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Dating is different these days and the traditional rules just don’t seem to always apply. It’s important to challenge the ideals that surround you to become the most dateable version of you and to make the best decision for yourself, enjoying this single but dating life along the way. We now have the right to live the life men have been doing for years, we just need a little help and advice to work out how to do it our way.

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Are we living together too soon?

Originally posted in news.com LAURA and her boyfriend Will moved in together after just seven months of dating. While they saw a future together, they admit they were forced to move in sooner than planned for financial reasons. “I probably did feel like less than a year was too soon, I had thought that we’d be together for about a year or a year and a half before moving in together,” Laura told news.com.au. Both 28, they were paying a combined $610 a week in rent before making the decision. While they’re both working (she’s a social worker and he’s an electrician) they felt that paying ‘double rent’ made no sense. “Realising how ridiculous it was to be paying over $600 a week when we were spending so much time together, we both became more open to the idea of moving in together sooner,” Laura said. But instead of taking…

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What a town of 200 taught me

Last weekend, I travelled to Perth and then drove 3 hours to a little town called Kalannie in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. No, I’m not considering a career change, but this was a work trip. I was invited to speak at the Dimensions of Women’s Wellness Conference that was being put on by the community resource centre. When this email first came my way, I hesitated as It seemed so to travel. But after soon realising the benefit this would bring, I said yes. Imagine what it must be like living in a town with a population of 200 and struggling with your relationship? We all struggle from time to time, but when everyone knows your name, is it so easy to put up your hand and ask for help, airing your dirty laundry, vulnerabilities and maybe even secrets along the way? As much as this town is only…

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Busting the myths of porn with Australia’s most successful export

WHILE Australia was watching in awe as Margot Robbie got her Oscar nomination last month, another Aussie movie star was also taking the US by storm. But there’s a good reason you might not have heard about it, because Angela White is a porn star. I first met Angela (her real name and porn name) six years ago at a Sexpo in Townsville, and it was pointed out to me back then by Australian adult industry insiders how business-minded she was and how successful she would be. Standing with her in Las Vegas as she collected an unprecedented 14 awards at the 35th annual Adult Video News Awards (widely known as “the Oscars of porn”), I had a proud moment. This is a controversial and taboo world but it does not mean we shouldn’t celebrate her achievements. White is the only Aussie to have ever been inducted into the AVN…

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Consent and boundaries in the age of the #MeToo campaign

The Time’s Up Movement has put the spotlight on how men and women interact, says Relationship Expert Dr Nikki Goldstein. It began last year, the #MeToo campaign, a spontaneous global outpouring of women on social media highlighting harassment and unfair treatment in the workforce. So what does #MeToo mean for men and women and the way they interact? “Women are now speaking up and they’re being heard for what’s really going on,” says Relationship and Intimacy Expert Dr Nikki Goldstein. “We’re seeing this avenue where woman can stand up and say this was not right and people are trusting that.” As we see more and more cases come to light in regards to the #MeToo movement, it is motivating us to talk to our teens about consent, says Dr Goldstein. “We need to be having this conversation more around consent and boundaries, because it’s not so good that we just…

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