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How To Co-parenting During A Pandemic

During this time, it’s not always just relationship and sex advice that I will be aiming to give. I have been blessed to have amazing followers and subscribers, so I want to do what I can to help you. That might be to do with your relationship, but it also might be to do with other aspects of your life. One of the questions I have been contacted about a lot is in regards to blended families. This is not an easy time for any family, but when you are dealing with possible conflict between parents and differing ideas on how to co parent and keep children safe, it can become even more complex. So I asked family lawyer Abbi Golightly some questions on how to co parent during a pandemic.  (If you would love to find out more from Abbi, you can follow her on Instagram @divorcinglightly)   If…

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How A Pandemic Might Impact Your Love Life

There is not one person who isn’t impacted by coronavirus. Never before has most of the world been united in one battle. We are also facing an impact on our relationships and dating lives. I’m not going to use the words ‘unprecedented’ as the changes we have seen to our dating and sexual lives has been just that for many years. The pill changed how women could have sex and apps changed the way we can date. So, this is just that, another change and we need to learn how to adapt to it, as least for the while being. In the next coming weeks, I will focus my hardest on producing content for you that is useful and informative and will try and bring as much ‘pleasure’ into your lives. I am also encouraging you to reach out to tell me your stories, submit your Ask Dr Nikki questions…

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Warning… Valentine’s Day Is Ahead

It might sound odd that someone who is a relationship expert would be warning you about this day. Aren’t I supposed to be embracing all things love? Well yes, but also this day for me doesn’t always feel like that’s what we are doing anymore. It’s just a boasting competition online. This day is an amplification of what we are generally doing online these days when it comes to relationships… posting images which project often a false idea of what a relationship is whilst either staging certain elements or using mushy language and tags. Whilst this just might sound superficial, it has the potential to be a whole lot worse. Have you ever viewed these posts and wondered why your relationships doesn’t seem as blissful as others online? Have you ever received a gift or romantic gesture from someone, at first thinking it was sweet and thoughtful only to later…

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Why I created a sex toy website

I’ve always enjoyed the world of adult pleasure products or what are still referred to sex toys. Before I was a sexologist, I was doing some freelance writing work and my first regular gig was with FHM magazine. One day I was asked to review a brand of sex toys. I met with the rep and soon had an apartment with every power point was occupied, charging products that were not household appliances. I never knew so many different variations existed. And that was just the start. Many people are fearful of sex toys. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because this world is often seen as being seedy. But I’ve always been baffled as to why it should be this way. Maybe it’s because some think that reaching out for these products means you are desperate to spice things up. That may be true for some, but I see…

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