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Dating is different these days and the traditional rules just don’t seem to always apply. It’s important to challenge the ideals that surround you to become the most dateable version of you and to make the best decision for yourself, enjoying this single but dating life along the way. We now have the right to live the life men have been doing for years, we just need a little help and advice to work out how to do it our way.

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Find the Gift

Recently I met someone who was telling me a story about a friend whose daughter recently had a baby and was then killed in a tragic car accident whilst living overseas. After this, they had a breakdown and sought help where a therapist starting asking them – but where is the gift? Have you been over to see your granddaughter? She pointed out that even though this loss was tragic, he was able to spend so many years with his daughter when many do not and now she had given him a granddaughter. Two days later he was a plane to see the baby. When I look around, it seems that we have become a society that is only able to focus on what didn’t go right instead of what did. We focus so much on the negatives that any positives can’t be seen. Maybe we have social media to…

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Ask Dr Nikki – Sexual Compromises

Dear Dr Nikki, I read your recent blog post on guilty sex and I have a problem that relates to this. I am the one in the relationship that has a higher sex drive and is often rejected by my wife sexually. What I am struggling with is the word compromise. I’m told all the time that I have to compromise, but I feel like this is one sided. I understand that I should never push or force her to have sex with me, but if I want it and she doesn’t, should it always just be that we don’t have sex? What about the other person who has a high sex drive? I feel like our sex life is all one sided towards what she wants but don’t want to push her out of fear of seeming like a bit of a jerk. What do I do? David.  …

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Should you have guilty sex?

In a perfect world, we would all have the same sex drives. But no one lives in a perfect world. I have been hearing people talk a lot lately about compatibility in relationships. Are we ever compatible? For some, these compatibilities issues are deal breakers, but for others just differences to work around and our sex drives could just be one of them. This is a not an opportunity for me to try and tell you how much sex you should have in a week (that’s for you to decide) rather what to do when you don’t’ want it. Whilst as the sexologist, I’m encouraging you to have as much sex as you can for many wondrous reasons including the fact that it is good for your relationship, but I also understand that there are going to be many times when one person’s wants it and the others doesn’t and…

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Do you have to be hot to find love on TV?

I recently watched the preview for the upcoming show, Love Island Australia. Whilst I think I’m already addicted before it starts, I doubt it’s for the right reasons. All I see is a bunch of very hot people on their way to an island so this bunch of very hot people can perve on each other, allow us to perve on them and start hooking up with each other (which we will also be perving on). It’s voyeurism at its best. I’m not sure how much genuine love will be found on this so-called love island, but it will be fun to watch. If you haven’t seen the clip already, warning, it might make you want to run straight to the gym. It’s one of the more sexier shows that will strike our screens, but it seems it’s not the only one at the moment. Have you been watching Bachelor…

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