Real, poised and self-assured; she’s Australia’s modern-day expert on all things relating to sex, dating, relationships and EVERYTHING in between.

She has a unique ability to normalise the subjects of sex and relationships and her fresh, balanced and candid views make her instantly relatable and approachable.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling and a Doctorate of Human Sexuality from San Francisco’s esteemed Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality; and is a highly credible authority on the topics of love, sex, dating, romance and relationships.

She appears regularly on the Seven Network, writes monthly for Maxim and Rescu and is a regular contributor to Cleo, Dolly, Cosmo, Daily Mail, Askmen.com, She Says & Latte Life. She can also be heard across Australia’s airwaves, including 2UE, 4BC, i98, Mix (now KIIS) FM, the Edge 96 and across Austereo’s national network.

Voted Australia’s Best Sex Educator for 2012 and 2013, she’s young, bright, honest and already has a credible background many peers would envy.

Prior to receiving her doctorate, Nikki worked in mediation at Relationships Australia for couples going through divorce. It was during this time she was exposed to a key reason why Australian marriages break down. “These traditional relationships were buckling due to societal pressure to conform, a lack of knowledge and education, little or no positive role models and ultimately a lack of communication.”

“Not only were these relationships falling apart, but their sex lives were also nonexistent. If you can effectively communicate about your sex life, the rest of your relationship is a piece of cake,” states Nikki. “The number one reason for divorce is a lack of communication; your partner is not a mind reader. We need to let them know how we feel, what we fear and what we want in life, love and beneath the sheets!” Nikki’s goals are to educate men and women and give them an avenue to feel confident in talking about what they want from sex, however vanilla or bizarre that may be. “We are all built differently and our buttons are located in different places. If we don’t give our partners our ‘instruction booklet’, how on earth will they ever find the right button to turn us on!”

Nikki Goldstein

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