Ask Dr Nikki – In a relationship and addicted to dating apps

Hi Dr Nikki, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on addiction to dating sites? My partner of a few years just can’t seem to stay off them! He’s never met anyone or physically had an affair whilst we have been together, but seems unable to stay off them. He can’t even explain why he does it as we have a generally happy relationship and a great sex life. He was on and off these sites and actively dating on them for 5 years before we met, but never managed more than 3 months with any one person. We met online and I’m the longest relationship he has had (2 years). I feel like maybe he’s either waiting for it to end because that seems to be his experience with online dating or he’s just addicted to the thrill of the new. On the plus side, he is now seeking help…

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Should you get on Tinder? Relationship expert reveals how to start dating after divorce – and says it’s not as scary as it seems

Dating can be scary for anyone but it can be even scarier for those putting themselves out there the first time after they have divorced a long-term partner. Australian relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein told FEMAIL that most of the time you will never be able to tell if you’re ready or not to get back on the horse. She has shared her top tips on how to face the dating scene after your marriage ends. ‘It’s one of those things where you’ve got to take a bit of a leap of faith and jump,’ she said. Dr Goldstein doesn’t think that most people will ever feel entirely ready to jump into the dating pool after divorce. ‘But dating is part of the healing process. When you date you start to realise what went wrong with your relationship, you’ll get a level of comparison,’ she said. ‘You’ll start to look…

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