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Last week I posted a blog called “how to modify your penis.”  It included a section on growing back your foreskin. After this article was posted on twitter, I was sent the link to a film on circumcision done by a jewish documentary film maker. As a jewish female, I really sit on the fence with circumcision and are fascinated by how someone from the same religious upbringing feels about the subject.   I have read the literature against and for it, but also are influenced by a cultural side where all jewish baby boys are circumcised. I also recently attended my first bris, which was an eye opening experience. The thing that got to me the most was not what was going on to the baby, but the nerves and anxiety of his mother.   I also feel that especially in Australia, circumcision is nearly seen as the norm,…

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Foetal Masturbation?

Masturbation is one of those hot sticky (you know I had to use that word) issues that will be forever debated! Is it normal? Should we do it? If you are in a relationship should you and your partner still masturbate? And does is really make you go blind?   I am an advocate and a supporter of the handy act. Not only is it a way to get in touch with your sexuality and explore what your body is capable of but it also has a long list of health benefits, such as reliving pain and stress.   I have been told before that young baby boys are capable of having erections in the womb however an extract from a book I have been reading. “ The Clitoral Truth” by Rebecca Chalker took this concept of foetal sexuality to a new level. We struggle to think of children, especially…

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