Birthday celebration


Why I’m a Birthday Brat And Why You Should be One Too

I’m a big birthday person, always have been. It runs in my family. I think some people must look at us and think we are a little crazy (which we are). Growing up my mother always put on fantastic parties for me and my brother. And on the morning of our birthdays, she would decorate the living room with posters and balloons and have lots of presents for us to open. Not in a spoilt way, but she would find any little thing that she could wrap up so we would get the excitement of unwrapping gifts. She would make a big deal of our special day and celebrate it as much as she could. And even though we are no longer kids, she continues this tradition every year. As soon as I got to the age where I could use a credit card, I did the same for her,…

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Strip Wars – Male Against Female!

Yesterday Morning on Sunrise, the beautiful Samantha Armytage was serenaded in honour of her Birthday by topless men showing off their muscles whilst attempting to dance.  (This is not disrespecting those male performers out there who can bust a move, but these blokes were particular awkward). It was not the bad dancing that made me think, but the idea of how this would play out on the flip side, Kochie’s Birthday.  Would Sunrise be able to get away with girls in bikinis dancing around the set in a sexy manner? Probably not! So why then is it ok for this male display of testosterone at 8:30am?   There is one important difference when we look at the world of male and female strippers and that’s humour. When men get a lap dance or watch a women spin proactively around a pole, they are not in fits of laughter but taking…

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