Sex Down Under

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind close doors in each state of Australia? Thanks to The Great Australian Sex Census by, the results are out and have been compared by state because, as we all know, Aussies like a bit of competition. I thought since one of my aims is not only to educate but also to entertain you, I would like to give you a brief overview of my favourite stats and of which state ranked the highest in which category (and reveal what state I am not going to live in after this survey).   Ok, so let’s start our journey of sexual statistics in the lovely state of Western Australia where they are sex mad apprently (I’m considering  moving there by the way). They ranked highest in the average penis length (and I’m sure we believe them on that one) and most heavily tattooed….

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Demi & Ashton, more than just a divorce

We live in a culture that idolises celebrities and strives to model their behaviour and their lives. This will and has always been a worry to me. These people are celebrities, not perfect human beings. We should pay to see them in a movie or buy their latest CD, but not emulate their behaviour!   They also have the power to influence how we date, how we love and how create relationships. “If they can do it, than so can we”, is the common attitudes for some.   This can work well at times, and Hollywood can be responsible for breaking down social boundaries when it comes to love.   But one headline has me concerned ‘Demi is attracted to women… so didn’t always get all she needed from Ashton’: Fresh claims hint that Moore is bisexual, as couple practiced ‘open marriage’   It was rumoured that Demi and Ashton…

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