Things You Never Knew About Sex

Have you ever heard that saying, the more I learn the less I know?  Well that was once true and maybe partly still is, but what is also true is the more I read the more I know. So maybe it’s about time I shared with you some interesting and new facts you just might not know about sex.   Did you know that things such as caffeine, tobacco, sugar, too much soy, omega 6oils and trans fat are classified as orgasm killers that can hamper the body’s optimal sexual and orgasmic functioning? Marrena Lindberg suggests to watch your intake of these substances and pay attention to how they are affecting your sexuality. What a great reason to give up smoking?     Fem Fresh might not be so fresh after all!  Using feminine deodorant sprays are unnecessary and perhaps even harmful. The vagina cleans itself and does not need…

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From Sex to Cancer

Normally this is a place for me to share information about topics to do with love, sex and relationships. One of those topics I love to share is about loving yourself first, it is the key to happiness and the key to a successful love and sex life! But with loving yourself comes looking after yourself! I don’t think we take enough time to focus on ourself and also seem to self sabotage. Your body really is your temple!   A friend posted this link on FB and it really touched me.   At the end of the video they say ” send this to a 16 year old you know” Now I’m not sure if many 16 year olds read my blog ( or even if they should) but I think this is relevant to us all!   We think a tan is sexy but what is sexier is…

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