Vibrators At Cannes Film Festival?

The Cannes Film Festival is not just about movies, red carpet and celebrities! It’s also about sex toys?   If you know me, follow me or have ever heard me talk, you will know I am a fan of the vibrating friend, or what I now like to call, adult pleasure products and intimate health goods ( Doesn’t that sound better?).   So I was very proud to see that my favourite brand Lelo showcase a dreamlike short film at the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival on giant screens across the city, starring not award winning actors but bestselling pleasure objects, Tiani, Alia and Soraya. ( If you don’t know what these are you need to have a chat with me).   [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OFW27VntHI[/youtube]     I love how elegant this short clip is and how it displays these products just like ant other luxury good. Well they are, expect these…

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Magda –  Gay Or Pansexual?

So last night Magda Szubanski came out as gay on The Project whilst publically sending her support for gay marriage.  I’m sure you all read about it and have seen or heard someone talking about it by now. I support her choice to do this and her timing was fantastic. On a day when we were all focused on love and romance, there was no better time to stress the point that we should all have the same rights to love in the same way.   After thinking about this for a while, what is confusing to me was her terminology and maybe even her understanding of the full extent of human sexuality. The panel and audience all laughed at the time, but when she uttered the words “ I’m  gay gay gay gay gay and then a little bit not gay and then gay gay gay gay ,” I…

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Demi & Ashton, more than just a divorce

We live in a culture that idolises celebrities and strives to model their behaviour and their lives. This will and has always been a worry to me. These people are celebrities, not perfect human beings. We should pay to see them in a movie or buy their latest CD, but not emulate their behaviour!   They also have the power to influence how we date, how we love and how create relationships. “If they can do it, than so can we”, is the common attitudes for some.   This can work well at times, and Hollywood can be responsible for breaking down social boundaries when it comes to love.   But one headline has me concerned ‘Demi is attracted to women… so didn’t always get all she needed from Ashton’: Fresh claims hint that Moore is bisexual, as couple practiced ‘open marriage’   It was rumoured that Demi and Ashton…

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