Why Do People Cheat?

Infidelity fascinates me. I don’t want to take any pain away from those who have suffered as a consequence, but my fascination is in the ‘why’. People have made theories and even excuses, but when someone cheats, we all seem to jump on the bandwagon and think of them solely in a negative way. When the Ashley Maddison scandal hit, millions of people’s profiles were at risk. Yes, millions! And that’s only considering the people cheating on this one site. Look around you. Think of the people you have in your life. The odds are that at least someone you know, someone you work with or run in the same circles as either has a secret account like this online or is actively cheating. Infidelity is all around us. How many stories do we get told about a spouse cheating? But instead of simply accusing someone of having an evil…

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Pink Viagra Works Too Well – Woopy!!!

Well the rumours are out – the Female Viagra Lybrido is on its way. (And dam I wasn’t the one to invent it). I have always been sceptical that the pink pill was going to be the cure to all our female sexual worries and that even the blue pill was helpful to our relationships. Don’t get me wrong, functionally it’s a wonder and has helped many men get their wind back but ask women who might be struggling in their marriage and they will tell you, Viagra is not the answer. Relationship and sexual issues stem deeper than a hard on.   But what is obvious about this rumoured new pill is that it is being created by a man and signifies exactly what is wrong with the messages that are being fed to women about their sexuality.  The scientists involved on this project have confided in a writer…

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Mother's Day Causes Infidelity

It’s coming up to that one day of the year where we praise the women that created us and bring out the roses, chocolates and breakfasts in bed. But apparently this day could bring out something else – infidelity?   A recent study by cheating website revelled that they see the highest spike in female sign ups on the day after Mother’s day. I would be typically hesitate to quote stats by a website that’s slogan is, “life’s short have an affair,” but there is something to be said when in 2012 the site saw a 439% increase on day after Mother’s Day as compared to a normal day.   What is is about Mother’s Day that sends women into the arms of another person? ( And maybe it’s time for husbands to rethink their standard bathrobe or card).   “Mother’s Day tends to magnify the flaws, leads to…

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