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Do you want to share your dating stories with me?

Are you single and struggling in the dating world? Would you like to take part in a brand-new audio series with me? I am looking for single people of any sexual orientation and identity, to take part in a new series exploring the world of dating and the issues people face, with an emphasis on building non-visual connections. We live in new era where dating is more fast paced and superficial and it feels as though there is a new app and dating trend each day. It can often seem confusing and overwhelming, but so many are just searching for that same thing, a connection with another. Are you on the dating scene and need guidance with finding the right match, to explore intimacy, or how to prepare for that all important first date? I would love to hear your dating stories, good or bad and share how dating has…

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Should You Be Friends With Your Partner On Social Media?

We’ve all heard of the ‘should you be friends with your ex on social media’ debate. It’s a risky decision — there might be photos of a new flame, posts about single life or the dreaded relationship status change. But what we don’t hear that much about is whether or not it’s a good idea to befriend your current other half in the digital world. You might think — why not? Afterall, social media is a part of everyday life. But it turns out there’s a split debate and it may be worth thinking twice before accepting a friend request from your significant other. According to Dr Nikki Goldstein, sexologist, relationship expert and author of Single But Dating, it takes time for a sense of security to develop, which means if you’re new into a relationship, avoid merging your virtual worlds. “If it’s a new relationship, you need to get…

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