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Could watching ‘Married At First Sight’ be beneficial to your relationship?

Married At First Sight chaos has hit our screen once again and is proving to be the most talked about show on TV, but not always for the right reasons. From a rating perspective, it’s fantastic, but there has been a lot of heat surrounding the show with body shaming comments, ghosting, emotional abuse and toxic relationships. Everyone has an opinion and everyone wants to share it. But this year I’ve seen more fire pointed towards the network than ever before. It’s been more the articles online, the recaps and the comments that is really grabbing my attention. And I feel as though many of us are missing a strong point. I have seen some comments saying that 9 should not have put characters on the show and that they are even responsible for glamorising toxic relationships. TV glamorises most things that are bad for us, so why should a…

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Dr Nikki weights in on the drama and action of MAFS

It’s the question that has plagued fans of Married At First Sight for days- why won’t Nasser Sultan have sex with his wife Gabrielle Bartlett? And according to Celebrity Dr Nicki Goldberg, several warning signs indicate that the 50-year-old may never even do the deed with his wife at all. ‘There are alarm bells ringing. He is 50 and has never lived with somebody before. Sure, that in and of itself isn’t worrying, but when you get to 50, you might start to wonder why he’s never lived with someone,’ Dr Goldberg told Daily Mail Australia this week. ‘He hasn’t acted on what he’s been saying’: Celebrity Dr Nicki Goldberg says several warning signs indicate that the 50-year-old may not be sexually attracted to his wife Gabrielle Bartlett ‘At the wedding, he was talking about how beautiful Gabrielle is and how into her he is. But he hasn’t acted on…

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