Sexual Pleasure For Sale In Supermarkets

Yesterday in the Sun Herald, an article I had been waiting for appeared, but it shocked me with its new and quite controversial angle. I was expecting to find a review about the new Durex pleasure vibes being stocked in supermarkets and instead was greeted with an article title, “ Sex toys canned: woolies bites the bullet and dumps vibrators” What?   I was quoted in this article and do support Durex’s move to put these products into supermarkets, however I do agree that it is controversial and potentially risky.  What I don’t agree with is Woolworths being threaten with a boycott from a Christian group who are presenting information and reasoning that has flaws.     Roslyn Phillips, research officer with Christian advocacy group, Family Voice Australia (the same group that is against gay marriage, abortion and believes sex is only for a husband and wife) stated, “society is…

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Yes, I am Going To Talk About Anal

The other  weekend I attended a workshop on anal sex by Tristan Taormino, an American sex educator. Whilst most people spent the Easter long weekend with their families eating chocolate ( or matzah balls), I spent mine learning the ins and outs of this particular sexual activity ( and watching couples demonstrate during their  “practice” session)   We live in a society where anal sex is still seen by so many as taboo. Some see it as wrong, dirty or an act that only porn stars do, whilst other think it’s only for homosexuals. Before I go any further (or deeper) anal sex does not make you gay and it actually feels good for both men and women if performed correctly and safely. If you are a straight guy who would never be a willing receiver in anal play because you think any type of anal sexual activity makes you…

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Masturbation! Most of us do it and if you don’t than you should! It is natural, normal and the first step to a great sex life. It is the way to work it all out. It is how to figure out what our bodies do. If you don’t know what gets you over the edge first than how can you tell someone else? You can’t get pregnant, or catch and STI and don’t need to get emotionally involved or hurt to do it. We don’t talk about masturbation enough. There is still such a stigma attached to it, that it is dirty, wrong or shameful. You will not go blind or go to hell nor will you go crazy if you do it. It relieves stress, pain, helps you get to sleep and helps you relax all in the stroke from a hand.   I was first sent the trailer…

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