egg freezing


Why we need to support egg freezing?

Over two and a half year ago, I made the decision to freeze my eggs. Not only did I freeze my eggs, but I also documented my journey to share with others, as I felt it was something so many were unaware of, had myths about and that there was so much shame and stigma surrounding this procedure. I didn’t really think beyond making the documentary, I just did it because I felt it was something I could do to help others. Over two and a half years, I’m still talking about this subject, footage from my documentary is still being shown and it’s more relevant now than ever. I have received so many messages from women, thanking me for sharing my story, but also from women telling me they only wish they had frozen their eggs at a younger age, women who started this process maybe later in life…

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How celebrity advice on pregnancy is putting women at risk

On the weekend, I was drawn to buy the paper specifically for one article on Camilla Franks, who at the age of 41 is pregnant with her first child, “Camilla tells career girls: ignore baby BS.” Whilst I am a fan of her kaftans, I was not of her advice to career women. To summarise, Camilla is seen to be telling woman that they should focus on their careers and not be fearful of not being able to have babies naturally and that her unexpected pregnancy at 41 is proof women can have it all. Whilst I agree with her that we should focus on our careers, I am also concerned the false hope and information this brings to other woman fearing of that very thing – not being able to get pregnant at a later age. The article quotes her as being the fittest she has ever been. I…

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