Why do we fight?

Do you ever wonder what it is exactly you are fighting over? When you are argy but deep down nothing make complete sense? This is why we call it conflict, because it’s messy, confusing and it’s about two people not being able to agree, sometimes even with what the exact conflict is over. During a girl’s dinner recently, I was asked why I thought my friend was still angry at her boyfriend and we sat there trying to work it out. I always over analyse, this time looking and explaining the ice berg structure of arguments to my friend where you are arguing about something on the surface but are not aware of what’s going on underneath. But even the iceberg theory (drawn on a napkin) was not enough to solve my friend’s anger and confusion. Conflict very quickly got simplified for me when watching a 3 year throw a…

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The Reason Men And Women Deal With Break Ups Differently

Break ups. They’re never fun. The tears, the anger, the messy nights out and the emotional eating are all telltale signs of a heart in torment. So, if men and women are capable of feeling emotional pain when a break up occurs, why is it so hard to understand why he’s ‘being distant’ or she ‘still wants to be friends?’ Well, the reason for this is linked to the social role relationships play and how they feed into our perceptions of self-worth, as well as the fundamental ways men and women deal with the same emotions differently. “Studies have shown that both men and women derive self-esteem from being in a relationship, so both genders suffer a sense of loss and identity conflict when a romantic relationship ends,” psychologist Melanie Schilling told HuffPost Australia. “Interestingly, the research has found that men and women experience different types of loss after a break-up. Generally speaking, men…

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Dr Nikki Quoted in an article for Elite Daily on Signs your relationships won’t last

5 Warning Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Going To Be Long Term   I have no idea when a relationship is going to last long term because I have not really had a long-term relationship. Why? Because I’ve pretty much ruined them all with my bad relationship behaviors. I’ve over-texted, and I’ve also played too hard to get. I’ve been emotionally manipulative, and I’ve been withdrawn. I’ve cheated, and I’ve been cheated on. I jump into relationships as quickly as I jump out of them. I also once hooked up with my boyfriend’s younger brother after too many drinks, which, although not on this list, is definitely a sign that your relationship with your partner is not going to last long term. I reached out to Dr. Nikki Goldstein, a sexologist, dating expert, and author of Single but Dating, to ask about the five signs that truly signal your relationship is not…

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