Are we living together too soon?

Originally posted in news.com LAURA and her boyfriend Will moved in together after just seven months of dating. While they saw a future together, they admit they were forced to move in sooner than planned for financial reasons. “I probably did feel like less than a year was too soon, I had thought that we’d be together for about a year or a year and a half before moving in together,” Laura told news.com.au. Both 28, they were paying a combined $610 a week in rent before making the decision. While they’re both working (she’s a social worker and he’s an electrician) they felt that paying ‘double rent’ made no sense. “Realising how ridiculous it was to be paying over $600 a week when we were spending so much time together, we both became more open to the idea of moving in together sooner,” Laura said. But instead of taking…

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