Ask Dr Nikki – In a relationship and addicted to dating apps

Hi Dr Nikki, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on addiction to dating sites? My partner of a few years just can’t seem to stay off them! He’s never met anyone or physically had an affair whilst we have been together, but seems unable to stay off them. He can’t even explain why he does it as we have a generally happy relationship and a great sex life. He was on and off these sites and actively dating on them for 5 years before we met, but never managed more than 3 months with any one person. We met online and I’m the longest relationship he has had (2 years). I feel like maybe he’s either waiting for it to end because that seems to be his experience with online dating or he’s just addicted to the thrill of the new. On the plus side, he is now seeking help…

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Social Matchmaking

I have reported on it before and I hear it on a regular basis, Sydney is in a dating crisis (and maybe it’s not just Sydney too).  Women are complaining about the lack of good men and men are complaining that women are putting them through too many hoops. It’s becoming more and more complex to meet people and it seems that old fashioned dating has disappeared and modern misconceptions are on the rise. Women don’t know what men want and men don’t know what women want. (Here’s a hint, tell each other!).  As a relationship expert, people will always ask me what is the answer? I sometimes scratch my head and wonder is if internet dating, is it pick up courses and books or iphone apps? I don’t think there is ever going to be just one thing we can do in the fight to find true love (or…

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