Why I’m a Birthday Brat And Why You Should be One Too

I’m a big birthday person, always have been. It runs in my family. I think some people must look at us and think we are a little crazy (which we are). Growing up my mother always put on fantastic parties for me and my brother. And on the morning of our birthdays, she would decorate the living room with posters and balloons and have lots of presents for us to open. Not in a spoilt way, but she would find any little thing that she could wrap up so we would get the excitement of unwrapping gifts. She would make a big deal of our special day and celebrate it as much as she could. And even though we are no longer kids, she continues this tradition every year. As soon as I got to the age where I could use a credit card, I did the same for her,…

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Find the Gift

Recently I met someone who was telling me a story about a friend whose daughter recently had a baby and was then killed in a tragic car accident whilst living overseas. After this, they had a breakdown and sought help where a therapist starting asking them – but where is the gift? Have you been over to see your granddaughter? She pointed out that even though this loss was tragic, he was able to spend so many years with his daughter when many do not and now she had given him a granddaughter. Two days later he was a plane to see the baby. When I look around, it seems that we have become a society that is only able to focus on what didn’t go right instead of what did. We focus so much on the negatives that any positives can’t be seen. Maybe we have social media to…

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