Should you have guilty sex?

In a perfect world, we would all have the same sex drives. But no one lives in a perfect world. I have been hearing people talk a lot lately about compatibility in relationships. Are we ever compatible? For some, these compatibilities issues are deal breakers, but for others just differences to work around and our sex drives could just be one of them. This is a not an opportunity for me to try and tell you how much sex you should have in a week (that’s for you to decide) rather what to do when you don’t’ want it. Whilst as the sexologist, I’m encouraging you to have as much sex as you can for many wondrous reasons including the fact that it is good for your relationship, but I also understand that there are going to be many times when one person’s wants it and the others doesn’t and…

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How Many is Too Many?

My friend messaged me the other day in a desperate state! She had watched that movie where a woman sleeps with 19 guys and decides 20 is the one she should marry or something like that. I can’t remember the name or the details but I do remember how upset my friend was after watching it. So my friend decides to make a list of all the men she’s slept with and then becomes upset over it. I’m furious! Not that she has slept with many men but that she’s upset about it. (And no “ my friend” is not a code for myself, I’m proud of everyone I slept with, well nearly everyone, lol)   Being a sexologist, at times we are required to take a sex history. It is very useful in putting the pieces of someone sex life together. But on another level I am against people…

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