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Adult Sex Ed Month

Well May was Masturbation Month but June also brings something with it besides winter. It’s Adult Sex Ed Month!  (Suggestion from the Sexologist: why not incorporate this into some new fantasies and “teach” each other a new thing or two in the bedroom).   There is a lot of misinformation out there and a lack of  information on much needed topics which is my reason to take part in Adult Sex Ed Month! I will never admit I know everything (human sexuality is an endless topic) and I will never admit to always being right ( we all have a different opinion and multiple opinions are needed to raise the important topics) so I love the idea of multiple websites coming together and making their information easily accessible under one hashtag #AdultSexEdMonth     I believe that education is the key to so many sexual issues. We can’t fight the…

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Magda –  Gay Or Pansexual?

So last night Magda Szubanski came out as gay on The Project whilst publically sending her support for gay marriage.  I’m sure you all read about it and have seen or heard someone talking about it by now. I support her choice to do this and her timing was fantastic. On a day when we were all focused on love and romance, there was no better time to stress the point that we should all have the same rights to love in the same way.   After thinking about this for a while, what is confusing to me was her terminology and maybe even her understanding of the full extent of human sexuality. The panel and audience all laughed at the time, but when she uttered the words “ I’m  gay gay gay gay gay and then a little bit not gay and then gay gay gay gay ,” I…

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Why Slut Shaming Is Wrong ( by a 13 year old girl)

This you tube video was passed around yesterday and considering I just posted an article about women feeling bad at the prospect of sleeping with many men, I felt it was appropriate to share it with you.   I am also amazed and impressed that these words are uttered by a 13 year old girl! If only more 13 year olds could think like her, actually if more people in general could think like her, the world would be a better place.   She might not have a doctorate in Human Sexuality, the right to vote, drive, drink, or has even finished school but this 13 year old girl has a valid point and a maturity I would expect to find or would hope to find in an adult.  You don’t have to be a sexologist to educate people, just an open mind and the courage to voice your opinion!  …

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