3 Red Flags You Can Spot On Instagram That Someone Has A Girlfriend

Instagram is one of those apps that was designed with a specific purpose in mind (sharing photos of our food) that’s inadvertently become a multi-purpose internet hub of, like, everything. It’s a fashion and fitness blog, an online shopping center, a meme generator, and a dating app all in one. You can spot red flags on Instagram that someone has a girlfriend just as easily as you can double-tap three photos in a row to let someone know you’re interested. For one, both Instagram and your dating app will let you scroll through photos of your latest crush. Trust me when I say that anyone who swears they never lurk on Instagram is lying. If your crush is in a relationship, the odds of you uncovering the truth are probably better with an archive of 234 photos as opposed to the six carefully curated ones on their dating app profile….

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