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I now am writing weekly blogs for Yahoo7 and just in case you missed it , I wanted to share yesterday’s blog with you. Unlike some, where I am asked to write on a specific topic, this one came from the heart. For more like this, make sure you visit –   xoxo   Dr Nikki     So an old friend of mine recently got married and like all good brides, as soon as the “I dos” were over, her photos appeared on Facebook. But as I was looking through these photos a feeling of familiarity came over me. I’ve seen this all before. The same manufactured shots where this is made to look like the happiest day of their lives. A picture can say a thousand words, but in wedding photos all it says is, “look how happy we are,” often prompted by the amazing skills of…

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Is Kissing The New Zumba?

I’ve been so busy lately that I’m finding it hard to find time to exercise. I recently did a segment on Channel 7’s Morning Show and spoke about the health benefits of sex, but I had never thought about sex as exercise until I was asked, “How many calories can you burn during sex?”     But for those of us who hardly have time to scratch ourselves, let alone make the time for a roll around in the bed, what can we do? The answer might surprise you; kissing! One minute of kissing  burns 2 – 5 calories. That might not sound like much, but it does put it in the same calorie burning range as golf, mowing the lawn, slow swimming and walking at a rate of 3.2 kms per hour.   Now for the busy folk, how much do you need to kiss to actually lose enough weight? Half…

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The Pressure of a New Year's Kiss!

There is that terrible tradition of planting someone a kiss as the clock strikes 12! For those who are sharing this festive night with a special someone there is no reason to worry. For those who are going solo and in the pursuit of a pair of lips, there is the added pressure and desperation as the time gets near! A lovely tradition for some and a regrettable kiss for others. I did want to share with you one of my favorite New Years smooches from the OC with Ryan and Marisa. ( Yes I was a fan). But also a perfect example of the pressure of  a New Year’s kiss !   [youtube][/youtube]   Pucker up party goers! From the beach in Thailand, Dr Nikki G

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