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Divorce Day

There is a particular date at the start of the year that has become to be known as “Divorce Day”, a day where people most commonly split up. It might not also just be this day but also this time of year (being the beginning of the year). If there have been things going wrong in a relationship, people often don’t want to split up before the holidays or they think they might be able to hold on and make it work. But when it comes to a new year, often people start to think of what they want in life and what they want to achieve, reflecting back on their relationship, reassess the way things have been.

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Should Couples Commit To Marrying For A Decade Instead Of Forever?

It isn’t working for so many. As a former family mediator and the person who seems to hold the relationship secrets of others, I have often wondered, “Is any married couple happy?” It might sound overly negative, but when you consider our divorce rates (some say nearly 50%, others 1 in 3) you can’t ignore that it isn’t working for so many. As a solution focused Sexologist, I have always been fascinated at what we might be able to do differently. Last year I reported on the idea of the ten-year marriage contract, which is a document you sign that can be renewed at the ten-year mark and committed to for another length of time. It can also be ended with two people completing a contract instead of failing at a marriage.  This was not my idea but one I found from a woman in New York, Emma who is…

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