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These 5 words could be impacting your thoughts on sex

I don’t know if it’s a sexologist thing or just something I get hung up on, but I have become one of those people who analyse the language we use. I believe that we can change the way we and others view certain topics by changing the language we use surrounding them. When it comes to sex, there are many words that can be seen as not sex positive or even confusing. Let’s even take the word sex for example. We use it a lot, but it’s a word we can’t even define. What is sex? Is it penis in a vagina or is it fingers in a vagina or a penis in an anus? There are multiple different meanings for one word, and universally we cannot even agree on what it is. Here are a few others that I feel could be describing the act negatively or even posing…

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Like A Virgin

Virginity! Something we are often too scared to talk about to teens, but really need to be telling them more. Today on Sunrise we spoke about a new controversial reality show in the UK, “ Like a Virgin”, where the host follows young teens on their journey to lose the big V and everything is revealed to the cameras. Of course, there are calls to ban this show (as with most things that cover teen sex) but it is the allegations of it not being educational that really upset me. In an age when there is a real lack of sex education, anything that encourages us to talk about the subject, I welcome!   At the end of the day if you have a problem with the content of a TV show or feel that your children should not watch it, you always have the choice to turn it off….

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