Vibrators At Cannes Film Festival?

The Cannes Film Festival is not just about movies, red carpet and celebrities! It’s also about sex toys?   If you know me, follow me or have ever heard me talk, you will know I am a fan of the vibrating friend, or what I now like to call, adult pleasure products and intimate health goods ( Doesn’t that sound better?).   So I was very proud to see that my favourite brand Lelo showcase a dreamlike short film at the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival on giant screens across the city, starring not award winning actors but bestselling pleasure objects, Tiani, Alia and Soraya. ( If you don’t know what these are you need to have a chat with me).   [youtube][/youtube]     I love how elegant this short clip is and how it displays these products just like ant other luxury good. Well they are, expect these…

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How Many is Too Many?

My friend messaged me the other day in a desperate state! She had watched that movie where a woman sleeps with 19 guys and decides 20 is the one she should marry or something like that. I can’t remember the name or the details but I do remember how upset my friend was after watching it. So my friend decides to make a list of all the men she’s slept with and then becomes upset over it. I’m furious! Not that she has slept with many men but that she’s upset about it. (And no “ my friend” is not a code for myself, I’m proud of everyone I slept with, well nearly everyone, lol)   Being a sexologist, at times we are required to take a sex history. It is very useful in putting the pieces of someone sex life together. But on another level I am against people…

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