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The Ultimate Empowering Sex Bucket List For Women

How many times have you put someone else’s pleasure before yours? And how many times have you taken the reins and made sure you were also taken care of? Ladies, you should never be afraid to take the lead and make yourself the focal point in bed, which is why we’ve put together an empowering sex bucket list to tackle immediately. When I spoke with sexologist Dr. Nikki Goldstein about where to begin, she said that it should be “based on things that you truly want to try and not things that you think you should.” We won’t feel fulfilled in our relationships with others or with ourselves if we listen to outside expectations more than our own needs. And while the list ahead isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, it is a fun starting point to finding out how you can own your sexuality and ways you can be…

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How Good Are Your Orgasms?

We live in a society where we are constantly trying to improve our sex lives, we want more, we want it longer, harder, faster, softer, more adventurous or more spontaneous or just all the time. It seems we get fed messages when it comes to our skills in the sack, we could do better! But how do we define “good sex”? Is it the length it goes for, how many orgasms you have or if you have any orgasm at all.   So when it also comes to orgasms, how can we tell if one is better than the other? I was reading a book, which gave descriptions from some people about their orgasms. Some I identified with, some I did not. On later research I discovered that there was not just one type of orgasm but many: mini orgasms, maxi orgasms, quickie orgasms, explosive orgasms, multiple orgasms, dry, non-ejaculatory…

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Orgasms For Valentines Day ( An Event You Don't Want To Miss)

So I have combined a few passions of mine before Valentines Day. My love for educating and my love for adult pleasure products (and for those of you who are totally clueless, I’m talking about sex toys).   For many people, shopping for such a product can be confusing, scary and confronting. We often have that desire to test out a product, but walking in to some sex shops to buy it, is not always the best experience. It is not like asking a shop assistant if they have a dress in another size. It might mean you have to talk about sex with a total stranger! If you choose to explore on the internet, which can often be the safer and more comfortable option, there might be the confusion as to what the product actually looks and feels like. In a sex shop you might be able to pick…

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I walk into the lecture room and after greeting everyone with a big hug my attention is drawn to the object sitting up the front. A machine, with a base stand and a pink seat on top with a large object sticking out of it and a remote control, the DiscoStick(R) (or as I like to call it every women’s and man’s new best friend). An object able to give women orgasms through their clothing! The director of the school yells out to the front of the class pointing at me ‘ watch out for this one she is going to want to ride it’. Welcome back to sex school where everything you thought was normal and standard goes out the window the second you walk in and the first day was going to go off with a bang (well for some of my class mates it did).   What…

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