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Dating App Etiquette

I’m not sure about you, but I have been swept away by the new trend of dating apps. Whether you believe in it or not, apps like Facied and Tinder are proving not only to be a means to meet people and potential romantics interests, but are also proving to be great entertainment and amusement with their game like structure around starting a conversation. But one thing I have noticed, just like in face to face life, there are also still dating mishaps being made, especially by men. So I thought with the abundance of people on these apps  and committing these online dating crimes, it was about time I gave some advice ( especially to some specific men) to those out there who obviously don’t have a clue.   Profile photos. The following are not appropriate profile pics. Wedding photos or photos with a girlfriend or even female friend….

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Facebook Dating

Let’s be honest, we have all used Facebook as a dating site. Maybe not directly but we have added someone we had a crush on, sent someone a message we were keen on and liked a photo to remind them we were there. So why not just turn it into one?   Well a new website is promoting casual sex between Facebook friends and redefining sexual relationships.  Bang With Friends (which sounds self explanatory) allows you select the Facebook friends you’d like to have sex with. If the feeling is mutual, both parties receive an email message to establish a get together (or bang). And just when we thought the judgemental aspects of Facebook were safe in our private thoughts, Bang With Friends has a “bangability” score which measures your trending sexiness based on the number of people who view and click on you.   Is this taking Facebook down…

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