Strip Wars – Male Against Female!

Yesterday Morning on Sunrise, the beautiful Samantha Armytage was serenaded in honour of her Birthday by topless men showing off their muscles whilst attempting to dance.  (This is not disrespecting those male performers out there who can bust a move, but these blokes were particular awkward). It was not the bad dancing that made me think, but the idea of how this would play out on the flip side, Kochie’s Birthday.  Would Sunrise be able to get away with girls in bikinis dancing around the set in a sexy manner? Probably not! So why then is it ok for this male display of testosterone at 8:30am?   There is one important difference when we look at the world of male and female strippers and that’s humour. When men get a lap dance or watch a women spin proactively around a pole, they are not in fits of laughter but taking…

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Girls Porn Parody Gets The Diss

Boldfinger, Cirque du Hole-A, Breast Side Story, Crocodile Done Me, Diddle Her On The Roof, Forest Hump, Batman In Robin, are just a few of the many Hollywood hits that have become a victim to the porn industry’s parodies. So it’s no shock that the popular TV series Girls is next. (With all the nudity  in that show I thought it was a porno).   However the Hustler filmed parody has received nothing but criticism from star Lena Dunham who released frustrating tweets about “This Ain’t Girls XXX. Dunham tweeted three reasons why she “can’t just laugh off a porn parody” of her show.     1st: “Because Girls is, as it’s core, a feminist action whilst Hustler is a company that markets and monetizes a male’s idea of female sexuality”  (Can someone please tell Lena that women watch porn too and there is porn made for our fantasies).  …

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How To Check Your Vagina And Vulva

I’m going to be straight up and warn you there is nudity in this clip and lots of it. This clip also shows a real every day vulva and one that does not belong to a porn star.  In the last two blog posts I’ve spoken about things you can do to your vulva, spas, facials, labia dye etc .In these articles I’ve spoken about vulva health and that we should be paying more attention to down there.   But it occurred to me that checking our vulvas and vaginas ( yes you need to check both) is not often something we are taught and not often something we talk about. Do you know how to check your vulva and vagina? Do you know ever what you are looking for? Since my choice in life is to educate others about sexuality, I felt it was my job to share this…

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Pricasso – Profanity or Art?

For those of you who have never met Pricasso or seen him in action, to put it in a nut shell he paints portraits with his penis. It’s Picasso with a twist! Maybe he is being resourceful or he just lost his brushes?   But now the talented artist is coming under fire on the Gold Coast, with members objecting to him showing his works of art at the Gold Coast Sculptor’s Society’s Annual Exotic Erotic Showing on Friday night. I’m trying to work out how his creative works of art do not fit into this category but also if these people have had the pleasure of seeing him in action. At the Brisbane Sexpo just a few months ago my portrait was painted by Pricasso and I was amazed at the talent of his member. Finally, someone has found a real purpose for those things!   Is the disgust…

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