Pricasso – Profanity or Art?

For those of you who have never met Pricasso or seen him in action, to put it in a nut shell he paints portraits with his penis. It’s Picasso with a twist! Maybe he is being resourceful or he just lost his brushes?   But now the talented artist is coming under fire on the Gold Coast, with members objecting to him showing his works of art at the Gold Coast Sculptor’s Society’s Annual Exotic Erotic Showing on Friday night. I’m trying to work out how his creative works of art do not fit into this category but also if these people have had the pleasure of seeing him in action. At the Brisbane Sexpo just a few months ago my portrait was painted by Pricasso and I was amazed at the talent of his member. Finally, someone has found a real purpose for those things!   Is the disgust…

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