How To Co-parent During A Pandemic

During this time, it’s not always just relationship and sex advice that I will be aiming to give. I have been blessed to have amazing followers and subscribers, so I want to do what I can to help you. That might be to do with your relationship, but it also might be to do with other aspects of your life. One of the questions I have been contacted about a lot is in regards to blended families. This is not an easy time for any family, but when you are dealing with possible conflict between parents and differing ideas on how to co parent and keep children safe, it can become even more complex. So I asked family lawyer Abbi Golightly some questions on how to co parent during a pandemic.  (If you would love to find out more from Abbi, you can follow her on Instagram @divorcinglightly)   If…

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My Keynote on Decriminalising Abortion

Recently, I got asked to speak at an event in support to decriminalising abortion in the state of Queensland. For those of you who might not be aware, abortion in Queensland remains in the criminal code. The only time is it legal to be performed is to prevent serious danger to a woman’s physical or mental health. So, in a nut shell, what happens is that women who are wanting to terminate an unwanted pregnancy up until a certain point must sign a document saying that if they were to continue with the pregnancy, they would be at mental or physical risk. Whilst it’s great we have a loop hole, this makes an already terrible situation even worse. I was also shocked to discover that Queensland doesn’t have safe zones outside of these clinics with women having to be escorted through protestors. I struggled with what to say in this…

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Would you consider dating a Mum or Dad?

Dating a Mum and Dad’s with kids can have its issues, but it can also be such a fulfilling and rewarding relationship to be in. I recently appeared in a TV segment on The House Of Wellness talking about this very topic, but of course on TV you always feel like you run out of time and have more to say. So, I felt a blog post might be best. Children can be challenging when you are trying to start a relationship and it’s not easy to also balance your role in the mix. But it can make you stronger as a couple if you can communicate and work together as a team, which is a great skill to have in a relationship for the long term. It’s important that we start to look at dating people with kids, not as people with baggage but added extras. But we also…

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This is the secret to great sex after kids, according to a sexologist

Having babies can be one of the most beautiful gifts of life, so it seems unfair that one beautiful gift has the potential to negatively impact another – your sex life. First, you need to give yourself a break. And by break, I mean stop trying to be perfect, parenting is hard enough. Once you take the pressure of things outside of the bedroom, things in the bedroom might feel manageable. But you need to also take the pressure off yourselves to have a perfect sex life, too. What is a perfect sex life, anyway? Even those who are not parents are still trying to figure that out. When it comes to getting your sex life back (not perfect, back) understand that things WILL change. Not might but will. And that’s okay because nothing ever stays the same in life, especially once children arrive. Don’t fear it, embrace it. If…

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