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How much should you tell your partner about your previous relationships?

TALKING about an ex to your new partner could either be a harmless, fun chat about the past or a painful, unnecessary trip down memory lane. HOW much do you really want to know about your partner’s exes? Are you just innocently curious? Do they come with painful baggage that needs to be unpacked? Or are you just a few clicks away from going down a dangerous jealousy spiral on their sexy ex-partner’s Instagram page? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself before delving too far into your partner’s past, says relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein. “It depends on how much you want to know. Some people want to know everything and other people don’t want to know much at all,” Dr Goldstein said. “Unless something has happened to you in a relationship that is going to change how you are in this current one, it’s not…

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