Wakey Wakey, it’s Danny Lakey

Each week I do a segment on a radio show on HitFM called Wakey Wakey it’s Danny Lakey. This week I had just finished dinner with my family and was sitting next to my Mum. Danny (the host) and I thought it might be funny to put my mum on and get her to answer some of his questions about sex. It only took a few moments before she said “shit” on national radio. This made my night and her responses are hilarious. Make sure you have a listen!

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Ask Dr Nikki – Trouble Having Orgasms

Dear Dr Nikki, What’s your advice for women having trouble coming to an orgasm? Is it necessary for their male counterpart to be huge in size? Are there multiple ways a girl can orgasm if having trouble achieving with straight intercourse? Xxx Stephanie   Dear Stephanie, It is a normal thing for women to struggle to achieve orgasm and I feel like we don’t talk about it enough. There is also so much pressure on women these days to have an orgasm during sex as though it’s the defining factor to a successful sex life, which I don’t believe to be the case. We need to be defining good sex as feelings and emotions and not just on the basis of an orgasm occurring. But it is nice to be able to experience one. It isn’t necessary at all for a male partner to be big in size for a…

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Teen Lust

In the mornings I always have the TV switched on the Morning Show on 7. I appear on this program but also enjoy watching what’s going on and what people are saying. One of the segments I am drawn to is the dilemma, where a panel give their opinion about a particular topic or so called dilemma. This morning’s segment was on teens having sleep overs with their partners. Immediately I was paying attention.   Teen Lust   I don’t like to be that person that is critical of other’s opinions and do think there is always space when it comes to sexuality for multiple views, but in this case I felt the need to speak up about one particular view on the panel, Dr Michael Carr Greg, a parenting expert. Please do not think of this at criticism or even attempting to discredit Dr Carr Gregg, but merely a…

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You Clitoris Will Always Be There

If you have had the privilege of seeing my talk, ” how to make your vulva happy”, you will be well aware of my rant about naming female’s sexual anatomy a vulva and not a vagina. With as many as 80% of women achieving an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, why is it that we still leave  out this important piece of the puzzle in our terminology?  Maybe it is a lack of education ( hint hint, and a great chance to plug my talks at the upcoming Brisbane Sexpo in August) and maybe this is why we are living in such a penetration focused society.   Maybe this is why there is such a high level of dissatisfaction when it comes to sex for men and women. Yes, the lack of clitoral awareness can impact on men too. Many men enjoy when their partner is in pleasure, so if there…

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