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How to Stop Being Insecure In A Relationship | ASK DR NIKKI

“Hi Dr Nikki. I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now and this is my first serious relationship. He is an amazing guy and he treats me so well. We both go to the same college but we have different majors. He’s a civil engineering major and I’m biology major. He is friends with a girl who is in his classes and he studies with her and has projects to do with her. I always thought that she had a thing for him but perhaps this is because I think most girls do and I will admit that I’m not the most secure person. She has a boyfriend for three years, I recently found out. They’re currently in a long-distance relationship so they go to different colleges. But, how do I get rid of this uncomfortable insecure feeling whenever he mentions her or is with her. Is…

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Can You Ever Overcome Infidelity in a Relationship? | ASK DR NIKKI

“Hi Dr Nikki. I’m a 40-year-old man, married for 13 years. We have a kid and I found my wife is cheating on me again. I discovered her four years ago having an affair. I forgave her and we worked together to rebuild our relationship but now I’ve realized that she is doing the same thing. I don’t really want to keep going with this. Is it better to finish? I don’t love her the same.”   When it comes to rebuilding a relationship after infidelity, it’s a very complex matter and I feel that as a society, we quickly demonize somebody for doing it when we want to help the other person move on. We say things like “that person disrespected you”, “they have broken your trust”. And whilst that might be true, the biggest thing with infidelity is asking why. That might start to give us insight into…

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Bringing Back Intimacy | The House of Wellness

One of the most common questions I get asked is how you bring the spark back in a relationship, so I was thrilled to be able to do this as a segment topic on The House of Wellness. Everyone is looking for a quick fix, a toy or a move that is going to be the answer. But often it’s what happens outside of the bedroom that can really make a difference. Make sure you check out the segment to find out more.

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If You Feel Insecure In Your Relationship, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions To Figure Out Why

Feeling insecure in a relationship can be awful. Although there are some relationship insecurities that are totally normal, others can make you wonder if something is wrong with you. If you feel like you’re with the right person and that you’ve done everything you can to build a healthy relationship, the insecurity can be compounded by something else: frustration. It’s hard when you know you don’t feel good, but you don’t know why. If you’re constantly wondering to yourself, “Why am I feeling insecure in my relationship?” with no real answers, it may be time to delve a little deeper. I spoke to an expert to get some thoughts on questions you can ask yourself when your relationship isn’t feeling as great as it used to. 1. Is My Insecurity About My Partner Or Myself? Dr. Nikki Goldstein, a sexologist and relationship expert, says the most important thing to ask in…

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