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Are We Demonising Condoms?

Gone are the days where flying was dangerous and sex was safe. You are now safer in a plane and more at risk between the sheets. I’m not trying to turn you off sex, but thanks to our bedroom life jackets – condoms, we can keep safe (or at least safer).   The sad news is the increase in STIs is climbing and condoms (or abstinence for some, but not me) are our best line of defence. The struggle I have as a Sexologist is normalising the use and purchase of condoms and making sure the adequate information is provided so people are aware how to use them correctly. But how can I do this if we keep demonising them?     I don’t quite remember the first time I saw a condom, but I do remember at a young age being introduced to the Condom Kingdom in Surfer Paradise…

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Teen Lust

In the mornings I always have the TV switched on the Morning Show on 7. I appear on this program but also enjoy watching what’s going on and what people are saying. One of the segments I am drawn to is the dilemma, where a panel give their opinion about a particular topic or so called dilemma. This morning’s segment was on teens having sleep overs with their partners. Immediately I was paying attention.   Teen Lust   I don’t like to be that person that is critical of other’s opinions and do think there is always space when it comes to sexuality for multiple views, but in this case I felt the need to speak up about one particular view on the panel, Dr Michael Carr Greg, a parenting expert. Please do not think of this at criticism or even attempting to discredit Dr Carr Gregg, but merely a…

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No Teen Sex Abroad!

Sometimes being a sexologist is difficult, especially when you have different opinions to those close to you. Even more so when these opinions are about young adults and sex. We live in a society where we try and prolong the age at which teens first have sex and want our sons and daughters to wait till they are “ready” (and past the age of 16). We see young adults engaging in sexual practices sometimes as a bad thing and this is where we do so much damage to their thoughts about sex. This is when we attach the shame and guilt. When will people learn – sex is not such a bad thing!   It is a bad thing however, when teens are sexually involved for the wrong reasons, and also without the right knowledge of how to protect themselves both physically and emotionally. This is something I will always…

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