Six Ways you can Spice up your Sex Life in 2018, revealed by a Sexologist

With 2018 on the horizon, many are taking stock and planning lifestyle changes for the New Year. And although it may not receive a mention around the family dinner table, spicing things up in the bedroom is set to make the list for some. Here to tell you how is sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein from the Sex and Life podcast, who has revealed to FEMAIL her six top tips to help your sex life in 2018. 1. RESOLVE CONFLICT Before working on anything in the bedroom with your partner, harmony needs to be achieved outside of it, Dr Goldstein said. She added: ‘If you are stuck on issues, you’re not going to want to work on things in the bedroom. ‘If we go with the theory that the brain is the biggest sexual organ – which I believe is true, especially for woman – holding onto a grudge or feelings of resentment because…

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Women Who Wear Red Are More Interested In Sex!

  Red lipstick is a girl’s best friend (and her teeth’s worst enemy). Unless is it that type that does not move an inch, this is not the most flattering substance to have on your lips if you are planning on a cheeky pash! Girls might like makeup, but I’m sure he does not. (Or if he does maybe you are kissing the wrong boy).   However, many men are attracted to this luscious pout. Their bodies know what their mind might not consciously be aware of. Their mind says that this lipstick is going to get all over their collar, whilst their body is moving in closer (and maybe positively responding). Why are men attracted to red lips?   Red lips are supposed to mean the owner of these puckers is aroused! (Well I would think they just might have good fashion sense, but I suppose they could be…

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Too Many Questions

When you first begin seeing someone, everyone always has questions. In my personal and professional opinion I think there is too much focus on these questions and not enough of how two people make each other feel. Here are ten of the most common questions and why they shouldn’t matter:   1. What does he/she do? This is one of those things that people want to know first up. Are you dating a drug dealer or a high profile politician or a stripper? Apparently jobs define the person these days? Some jobs do but not all! Take my profession for example. Yes I am a Sexologist but that does not make me a sex worker ( not that there is anything wrong with sex work) or even mean I have a lot of sex. I would like to hope when people meet me that my job does not define who…

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