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How To Tell If Polyamorous Relationships Are Right For You | ASK DR NIKKI

“My best friend is asking me to have sex with her husband. She is on medication and has a non-existent sex drive. I am single. We do a lot of family stuff together since our kids are the same age. She even sends me articles about polyamory. Any advice would be helpful.”   The part of this situation that I wish I knew is how do you feel about it. Now, this might sound a bit odd to some people. This might even sound a bit odd to you Sally, but don’t ever judge somebody for what their sexual desires are. We all have a unique and different way of constructing a relationship. I would nearly say this is flattering that obviously, there is enough trust there which is recognized. If she doesn’t have a sex drive towards her partner anymore and her partner still desires sex, then maybe being…

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Ask Dr Nikki – High Sex Drive

Hi Dr Nikki, I finally found a women with a high sex drive as much as myself. We have been seeing each other for 3 years or more and we have sex every night 3 times a night. She also has no problem reaching orgasm. But, I listen to my mates and all they do s complain about the lack of sex, so I don’t say a word. We are both in our 50’s and can’t see it stopping with each other. Are we sex addictions? Or have we just found the right person to be with? We both say we can’t believe we found each other. Thanks, Frank   Hi Frank, First, that’s great about your sex life but not that you are having it so often but rather that you are both on the same page with how much you want it. Like your mates at the pub,…

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Ask Dr Nikki – Sexual Compromises

Dear Dr Nikki, I read your recent blog post on guilty sex and I have a problem that relates to this. I am the one in the relationship that has a higher sex drive and is often rejected by my wife sexually. What I am struggling with is the word compromise. I’m told all the time that I have to compromise, but I feel like this is one sided. I understand that I should never push or force her to have sex with me, but if I want it and she doesn’t, should it always just be that we don’t have sex? What about the other person who has a high sex drive? I feel like our sex life is all one sided towards what she wants but don’t want to push her out of fear of seeming like a bit of a jerk. What do I do? David.  …

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Constance Hall on women losing sex-drive in relationships

Blogger Constance Hall has taken to Facebook to speak out about women’s sex drives in long-term relationships. The 33-year-old controversial mum-of-four said she spoke with sex doctor, Dr Nikki Goldstein about bedroom antics and wondered why people lose interest in sex. She said the doctor told her the main reason for it is was when partners don’t consider their other half – and Constance totally agreed. “Who the f*** wants to root a bloke that hasn’t considered them???,” Constance wrote in a Facebook post. “When someone leaves muddy footprints on the floor you just swept, or comes back from work before you but doesn’t put dinner on, or slept in while you did school run. “Not me. You can stick to w****** and so will I.” Constance said another massive factor “is the lack of importance put on the female orgasm”.   “I saw a sex therapist say “a women…

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