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A letter to my virgin self

Nikki, I know right now sex seems like such a huge deal, but one day it will be a part of your everyday life. But it isn’t going to always be pretty and it isn’t going to always be how you imagined it would be. But sex isn’t perfect and you will learn that.  Don’t fret if your first time also isn’t perfect. Most people do not get that roses and candles experiences you once saw on Dawson Creek and decided was the ideal. It’s ok and it’s not the end of the world, although it might feel like it at the time. I know you will want to find the right and perfect moment, but there just might not be such a thing. The most important thing is to trust your gut and protect yourself physically and emotionally. Although I’m sorry to tell you, but protecting yourself emotionally might not…

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Wakey Wakey, It’s Danny Lakey | Better Anal Sex

There are not too many avenues where I get to speak about anal sex. It’s one of those subjects that feels so taboo but so many people have questions. Anal is not just a thing done in porn, a way men have sex or something women should do in order to be kinky. It’s something people choose to do when they want to explore their sexuality and explore back door fun and pleasure. Check out my chat with Danny Lakey and the advice I have on anal sex.

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