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Ask Dr Nikki – Trouble Having Orgasms

Dear Dr Nikki, What’s your advice for women having trouble coming to an orgasm? Is it necessary for their male counterpart to be huge in size? Are there multiple ways a girl can orgasm if having trouble achieving with straight intercourse? Xxx Stephanie   Dear Stephanie, It is a normal thing for women to struggle to achieve orgasm and I feel like we don’t talk about it enough. There is also so much pressure on women these days to have an orgasm during sex as though it’s the defining factor to a successful sex life, which I don’t believe to be the case. We need to be defining good sex as feelings and emotions and not just on the basis of an orgasm occurring. But it is nice to be able to experience one. It isn’t necessary at all for a male partner to be big in size for a…

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Ask Dr. Nikki- “Why is it awkward when I try to talk dirty”?

“Why is it awkward when I try to talk dirty”? Let’s start off by saying that feeling a bit awkward when talking dirty is completely normal. But it is  good to go outside your comfort zone from time to time, and it can be exciting to try something new. Talking dirty is a great way to introduce something new and different in the bedroom and even take on a different role, but once you get over those awaked moves and statements. If it does feel awkward, let the other person know so you can have a laugh and joke about it instead of feeling uncomfortable not sounding like a professional phone sex operator. Make it fun and have a giggle and remember the awkwardness will pass. It’s not exactly a subject we are taught at school, but like everything else, practice makes perfect… so get talking… or get dirty talking….

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Sexual Pleasure For Sale In Supermarkets

Yesterday in the Sun Herald, an article I had been waiting for appeared, but it shocked me with its new and quite controversial angle. I was expecting to find a review about the new Durex pleasure vibes being stocked in supermarkets and instead was greeted with an article title, “ Sex toys canned: woolies bites the bullet and dumps vibrators” What?   I was quoted in this article and do support Durex’s move to put these products into supermarkets, however I do agree that it is controversial and potentially risky.  What I don’t agree with is Woolworths being threaten with a boycott from a Christian group who are presenting information and reasoning that has flaws.     Roslyn Phillips, research officer with Christian advocacy group, Family Voice Australia (the same group that is against gay marriage, abortion and believes sex is only for a husband and wife) stated, “society is…

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History Of Hysteria And Vibrators

In preparation for our Secret Women’s Event at the Ivy last the other week, I had the pleasure of doing some research by seeing a sneak preview of the movie Hysteria. Cleaning out a pile of papers I found some information that was given to me on the night that I thought I should share it. Consider yourself lucky that these days technology is on our side, assisting us with all of our sexual needs.But lets take a look where we have come!   The Vibrator Timeline   4th Century BC: The idea that a ” wandering uterus” ( literally hysteria) can cause strange symptoms, from amnesia to sleepwalking to madness. ( I would be mad if I was experiencing a life without sexual pleasure).   2nd Century A.D: The early Greek Physician Galen concludes that hysteria’s cause is sexual deprivation. The treatment he recommends is marriage. ( He must…

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