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Do you want to share your dating stories with me?

Are you single and struggling in the dating world? Would you like to take part in a brand-new audio series with me? I am looking for single people of any sexual orientation and identity, to take part in a new series exploring the world of dating and the issues people face, with an emphasis on building non-visual connections. We live in new era where dating is more fast paced and superficial and it feels as though there is a new app and dating trend each day. It can often seem confusing and overwhelming, but so many are just searching for that same thing, a connection with another. Are you on the dating scene and need guidance with finding the right match, to explore intimacy, or how to prepare for that all important first date? I would love to hear your dating stories, good or bad and share how dating has…

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The Truth About Low Self Esteem

The other week my attention was grabbed when Sunrise decided to go makeup free for one hour of the show with hosts bearing all and showing what they really look like underneath their metaphorical mask. This was something I personally had always wanted to do, as I wish that younger women were aware of how much work goes into being presentable for TV.  When they compare themselves to people in the media, they are looking at a dangerous false reality. My only criticism of the stunt was I wish they would have done this for more than one hour and continued it on through the network for the day.   Recently, I saw a photo of Lisa Wilkinson on Instagram also bearing all and going makeup free and filter free. Again I applaud her, but this photo was also taken at a distance in dim lighting and it was not…

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