Who wore it better,  porn or Hollywood?

Recently, I had the pleasure of being on the red carpet at the AVN awards, the Oscars of the porn world. Whilst I was there to film coverage for another piece I was working on, I was surprised by something I did see. Whilst most would expect women to walk down the carpet bearing all but their never regions, the exact opposite was the case. Girl after girl strode along the media wall in covered designer gowns ( some even worse Aussie designers). If you ignored the words behind them that said “AVNs”, you would think you were at the Oscars or Emmys. Even the people running the red carpet and escorting the stars to media were straight from Hollywood. In a world where scrutiny surrounds these adult actors for what they do, it was the level of normalcy that was pleasantly surprising. But why shouldn’t it be this way?…

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