So the person you’re casually dating is going to Europe. Now what?

Let’s be real – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of finding a semi-normal person you don’t hate to hang out with. Except when said person has a pre-booked Europe trip you hadn’t factored into your plans… after just a few days/weeks/months together. For the person left behind, it’s bloody bleak. While they’re off gallivanting around getting a whole lot more than an A grade tan, you’re in the foetal position wearing stale pyjamas refreshing Snapchat every 30 seconds, wondering where the hell you stand and if you’re… together? Rather than torturing yourself with thoughts of what (or who) they’re doing, heed this expert advice to sort sh*t out before they set sail. Having ‘the talk’ According to Sexologist and Relationship Expert, Dr Nikki Goldstein, you might actually be doing yourself a solid by having this incredibly awkward and soul destroying conversation now rather than later. “So many people are wondering, ‘How do…

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