Why Asking For Angela Could Put Us More At Risk

In 2016, the UK introduced an initiative to help keep women safe in venues and bars in the Lincolnshire area. It was just a matter of asking a bar staff for Angela and they could be removed from a dangerous situation. Now asking Angela has been adopted in some areas in Australia. Whilst I think it’s important to be looking at ways to protect all people not just women when out drinking at venues, I’m fearful that this statement might not be as effective and also in turn cause more issues for men and women. In a moment, thanks to media, we will see this initiative pushed around news outlets and even myself blogging about it adds to its coverage. This might be a good thing with women now knowing they can call out for Angela when they are in need, but men also read too. If you ask for…

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Duty Sex

Duty Sex? Tracey Cox in the UK has recently asked the question, “ Is it ok to make love just because your partner wants to?” You know those times when you might be tired, not in the mood and not interested and your partner is giving you that slight nudge of encouragement. Do you A) tell them to keep their hands to themselves B) Jump at their every sexual need even though you are exhausted or C) On some occasions put on an enthusiastic grin and have some fun for their sake and to see them happy. Unfortunately, I know a lot of people who are choosing option A. (And a lot of partners who are suffering because of it).   It is one of those difficult questions, should one person have to go without or should the other person have to do something they don’t want to? This is…

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