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National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Today is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. I was just going to post a photo promoting and celebrating it, but instead I also wanted to share a bit about what health and fitness really means to me. I feel as though, when it comes to this, there is such a focus on the way we look on the outside. We want to physically see results when we work out. We want to slim down, tone up, bulk up, get that bigger bouncy booty. But why? So, we can look like everyone else? So, we can “fit in” or gain our confidence? Even the concept of changing our bodies to gain confidence baffles me. By doing so we end up gaining confidence by changing ourselves to feel as though we fit in to a standard of beauty that society has set and that makes us happy, therefore boosting our confidence….

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Financial independence can help women to find balance in love

Today is International Women’s Day and whilst I had an entirely different blog planned, I thought this was the one moment to really celebrate women and the progress we have made. But also, there is a word we need to celebrate and pass on to future generations of women – independence. And in particular, financial independence. But it’s just not a matter of money making the world go around, it could help women to have equality when it comes to love too. The blog I had originally planned to publish was exploring infidelity. Recently, I have spoken to a few people who are and have been impacted by this in their lives. On many occasions, I have been told that someone knew of what was happening on the side but due to the lifestyle they were provided, did not want to admit to it openly out of fear of then…

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Why Asking For Angela Could Put Us More At Risk

In 2016, the UK introduced an initiative to help keep women safe in venues and bars in the Lincolnshire area. It was just a matter of asking a bar staff for Angela and they could be removed from a dangerous situation. Now asking Angela has been adopted in some areas in Australia. Whilst I think it’s important to be looking at ways to protect all people not just women when out drinking at venues, I’m fearful that this statement might not be as effective and also in turn cause more issues for men and women. In a moment, thanks to media, we will see this initiative pushed around news outlets and even myself blogging about it adds to its coverage. This might be a good thing with women now knowing they can call out for Angela when they are in need, but men also read too. If you ask for…

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15 Women on The Times They Were Slut-Shamed

So many women are slut-shamed. Even women who aren’t sexually active or sexually promiscuous in any way experience slut-shaming. “Slut shaming is so prevalent because it always has been,” sexologist and author of Single But Dating, Dr. Nikki Goldstein, tells Bustle. “For generation we have been shaming women for their sexuality and now with the media world it has become more acceptable in a way because the word “slut” nearly feels like a norm.” It’s not just when we’re children or teenagers that we experience slut-shaming. It happens throughout our lives. It doesn’t matter if we’re sleeping with lots of people, no one, if we’re single or married. We still come in contact with this behavior. “It impacts woman  because they might be acting on their own sexual desires or exploring their sense of self and are told by using that word that they are bad for doing so,” says Dr. Goldstein….

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