young love


Why do so many people love having sex in public places?

LAST week, commuters in the UK were outraged when a couple were filmed having sex on a train platform. I checked out the footage online (it was a slow news day, okay?) and I felt almost nostalgic. “Young love,” I thought wistfully, as I made pancakes for the kids. “They must really be into each other.” It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex on a train platform. A very long time, since I’ve never actually had sex on a train platform. Still, I vividly recall the thrill of risky sex, sneaking a shag in when there’s a good chance of being caught. Most of us will, if only from our younger days. Who didn’t smuggle their boyfriend into their room and have a quickie before their parents got home? It feels subversive and exciting, with a shivery sense of triumph when you succeed. Or, er, so I hear. Having sex…

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