50 Shades Of Grey For Mother's Day

What did you get your Mother for Mother’s Day? Well besides some other goodies, I also got her a copy of the book,  50 Shades Of Grey by E. L.  James.


I had heard the reviews and I must admit it did peak my attention. It sounded like porn for female in a book. After my good friend in the US told me she  could not put it down, I decided it was time to give it a go. When purchasing my copy the other day I thought, why not give my Mother a copy too. ( This is what happens when you have a Sexologist as a daughter).


For those of you who have not heard about the book ( and might be living under a rock with no TV or internet), it has been described as a bestselling erotic fiction notable for it’s explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of BDSM. ( Now we are talking about my type of book).


There is not that much point in telling you this, but I did want to be able to show you a video that was sent to me of Ellen reading part of the book ( or trying to anyway).





A few things I learnt from this.  Don’t listen to an audio copy of a book by Ellen, especially one that is erotic and if you are after some fun bondage play, don’t listen to Ellen either. ( And that I think I need to give Ellen some lessons on enthusiasm when it comes to spanking).


I will keep you updated what I think about the book ( And what my mother thinks of her

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