A Guide To Using Lube In The Bedroom

GQ’s resident sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein suggests that there is more to maximising lubrication in the bedroom than just the purchasing of a cheap bottle of colourful goo. 

Lubes – the underdog of the bedroom. It’s not just a product that should be reserved for anal sex and the elderly but something we should be all incorporating in our sex lives. But with so many products now available, it can be hard to sort the slippery from the sticky.

But before you start grabbing products from the shelves, it’s important to identify a few key factors before settling on a particular type of lube.

Question: What’s the lube for?

What sex act are you hoping to use the lubricant gel for? What part of the body? Are you using condoms and sex toys? Do you prefer a thicker texture or a thinner one? And do you have any skin sensitivities?

Armed with the answers to these questions you can make a much more informed decision in store. It might just be time to replace the old spit trick with something a little more suitable. (NB: Spit it not a lube).

Anal Sex

The anus does not have it’s own self lubricating system so when it comes to anal specific lube, it’s important to choose something that holds its texture. I recommend a silicone based lube. It will see you reaching for the bottle to reapply much less than other types and helps maintain rhythm and mood.

Recommended product: Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide

This is a product is safe to use with condoms and on other parts of the body if you require a little more glide.

Penis/Vagina Sex

There are two main options here but they very much depend on personal preference. Whether you want a thicker feeling or a more lighter and silkier one, you will require differing products.

If you want a thicker, longer sensation than you can always use a silicone lubricant such as the one suggested for anal use but you can also try a water based lube which is also safe to use with condoms, toys and better for people with sensitivities.

Top Trick*

If you find that your water-based lube starts to dry up, you can loosen it further with a little water or saliva. Spit is still not a lube, but something that can bring your lube back to you.

Recommended product: Wet Stuff Gold

Something Fun and Playful

There is a lot on the market that claims to heat up, cools down, increase sensitivity and potentially jump out the bottle to do your laundry. Whatever your heart’s desire, there is a lube out there that does it.

My favourite right now is a product called Salted Caramel by Wet Stuff. Not only is it a great silicone lube, but after one, two or three taste tests it actually tastes like real salted caramel.

Recommended product: Wet Stuff Salted Caramel 100g Tube

Good for health sensitivities 

Lube contains chemicals and you can’t always escape that. If you do have sensitive skin and have reacted to products before, it’s important to try something that has the least nasties in it. And just like everything else in our lives, you can now get lube that is vegan and gluten free too. I suppose you need to consider every bit of gluten you might come in contact with.

Recommended product: Jo Organic Lubricant from System Jo

For use with toys

But not every lube is good to use alongside adult toys as they can destroy and breakdown the material over time. You also need to consider the mess. Lube running off a toy and dripping onto the bed can be infuriating if you a prone to spending a little cash on your sheets.

I recommend that you try woman toy Lube by Pjur, a creamy non-drip lubricant that is created especially for use with toys. If you don’t feel comfortable purchasing a woman’s lube you can also use most water based products too.

Recommended product: Pjur Woman Toy Lube

From Around The Home

As we are becoming more mindful of what we put on and in our bodies, many are turning to a more natural alternative for that slip n slide feeling; namely, products found in the home. Just be very careful in this regard.

I feel that the verdict is still out with coconut oil, but I do think this can be a chemical free alternative as long as you are not using latex condoms or trying to get pregnant. The best coconut oil to use is virgin coconut oil. Ironic, I know.

Whatever sex act you want to enhance and whoever you want to enhance it with, it’s important to know that each and every person will have a different preference and sensitivity to certain products.

You just might need to try a few to get the right one, but at least have fun whilst trying.

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