Adult Sex Ed Month

Well May was Masturbation Month but June also brings something with it besides winter. It’s Adult Sex Ed Month!  (Suggestion from the Sexologist: why not incorporate this into some new fantasies and “teach” each other a new thing or two in the bedroom).


There is a lot of misinformation out there and a lack of  information on much needed topics which is my reason to take part in Adult Sex Ed Month! I will never admit I know everything (human sexuality is an endless topic) and I will never admit to always being right ( we all have a different opinion and multiple opinions are needed to raise the important topics) so I love the idea of multiple websites coming together and making their information easily accessible under one hashtag #AdultSexEdMonth



I believe that education is the key to so many sexual issues. We can’t fight the negatives society places on our sexual views but we can empower people with information and the facts to make the right unique choices for themselves and their lives.


This month is a little easier than the last, no masturbation required (unless you want to that is). To get involved, find and share sex ed articles on Twitter with #AdultSexEdMonth. This will be updated daily from some of the following  sites;


Authentic Sexual You, Authentic Sexual You – YouTube & Kinkopedia Sexuality empowerment coach Heather Elizabeth

Be a Sex Educator Articles & resources for sex educators

Billierosie Erotica & fetish blogger Billierosie

Catherine Coaches Human sexuality specialist Catherine Toyooka

Center for Positive Sexuality Provides comprehensive, sex-positive education and information about marginalized sexual orientations and identities through presentations, materials, and information about current research and resources

Charlie Glickman, PhD Sexuality educator, author, speaker & trainer

Dear T.O. Boys Dating blogger Niya B

Divorce Darling Sex blogger Laura Brown

The Dr. Susan Block Institute for Erotic Arts and Sciences Dr. Susan Block, sexologist, author, filmmaker, radio & TV talk show host, columnist, lecturer & commentator

Drs. Chuck & Jo-Ann Bird Relationship counselors & board certified clinical sexologists

Fearless Press Online magazine focused on articles about sex in the arts, community, living, relationships, spirituality & style

Good For Her Sex toy shop, sex workshops & private sex toy parties

Jet Setting Jasmine Internet radio sex talk show host & sex party planner Jet Setting Jasmine

Joan Price & Naked at Our Age – Joan Price – Sex & Aging Views & News  Advocate of ageless sexuality & fitness

Kink Academy More than 1118 videos from over 100 sex educators

Kinkly Online sex magazine

The Mama Sutra Sex Educator, sex blogger & board certified sexologist Lanae St.John

Maxime Durocher Professional male companion

Met Another Frog, Online dating magazine

Miss Alice Gray Sex blogger Miss Alice Gray

Molly’s Daily Kiss Kink blogger Molly

My Intimate Pleasure Shop Nigerian online sex toy shop

Nom de Plume Press Erotica book bloggers & reviewers Lila & Neva

Ohh My Adult entertainment & education company

Passionate U Videos from a wide range of sexperts

The Redhead Bedhead Sex blogger

Sex Ed With Ashley Sexuality educator Ashley Manta

Sex in Words Sex journalist Jon Pressick

Sexual Alchemy Spiritual sexuality expert Rebecca Lowrie

Sara Vibes Sex blogger & International Ms. Leather 2011

Shannon Katz, M.Ed Board certified sexologist

Sunny Megatron Sex blogger & adult sexuality educator

Symone Kitty Nelson Sex writer Symone Kitty Nelson

Tattooed Book Review Erotica book reviewer G.L. Pemberton

Wholesome Addiction A porncast (podcast) show about sex and the adult entertainment industry



Happy Learning,




Dr Nikki

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