Are Hollywood Splits Spoiling Happily Ever After?

First it was Miley and Liam and now Shane and Liz.  This week is seeing an all time high in Hollywood splits and it’s only Wednesday.  It’s a fact of life and it’s bound to happen to many of us, but when it happens for celebrities, does it have a negative impact on us too?


We tend to put celebrities up on a pedestals and see them as these near perfect beings ( well I’m not sure about in Shane’s case). But we often envy them and what they have including their  relationships.



We are also obsessed with the idea of love. It’s the things fairytales and movies are made of. We are brought up with the idea that true love concurs all. But what happens when we watch a Hollywood romance that we might have thought seemed near perfect crumble and fall?


It’s the same as when you have friends who are that perfect couple and you look on to their relationship with envy. This might be the relationships that you wish you had or hope to have one day.  When we see coupes like this split, we start to doubt the message of happily ever after. If they, the perfect couple can’t make it, who can?


It’s the same with celebrities. If all that fame, money, looks and success can’t help them to maintain a relationship, then what luck do the rest of us normal people have?  Are these Hollywood splits giving us doubt and possibly ruining the fairytale for the rest of us? Is happily ever after a possible goal or just something fairytales are make up of?




But one thing we need to remember is these famous relationships are not normal situations and these celebrities are under different and more complicated pressures. Hollywood is not real life and we should not be comparing ourselves to these celebrities or there relationships.


We also need to know that not every relationship is going to last. Some good things do come to an end, but it shouldn’t mean you stop loving or looking for love. You just might be loving more than one person during your life and happily ever after might have a few dress rehearsals.




Dr Nikki



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