Ask Dr. Nikki- “Why is it awkward when I try to talk dirty”?

“Why is it awkward when I try to talk dirty”?

Let’s start off by saying that feeling a bit awkward when talking dirty is completely normal. But it is  good to go outside your comfort zone from time to time, and it can be exciting to try something new. Talking dirty is a great way to introduce something new and different in the bedroom and even take on a different role, but once you get over those awaked moves and statements.

If it does feel awkward, let the other person know so you can have a laugh and joke about it instead of feeling uncomfortable not sounding like a professional phone sex operator.

Make it fun and have a giggle and remember the awkwardness will pass. It’s not exactly a subject we are taught at school, but like everything else, practice makes perfect… so get talking… or get dirty talking.

On a more serious note, here are some easy tips to make talking dirty that little bit easier and help you master the art of seduction in your voice…

Eg. I really want you to……….

Eg. It turns me on when……….

Eg. I really love it when you…….

Eg. I love your…..

Eg. I feel………   when you touch……..

If you’re ready to turn the heat up in the bedroom, why not try some emails and text messages. Start with a sexy compliment, describe what you are doing/wearing, talk about your fantasy or what you want to do when you next see them!

My final tip- Make sure you have the right email of phone number!

Nikki xx


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