The Barriers To Forming A Connection

Working on my new podcast “The Connection”, I was able to gain access into the lives of my daters and insight into the issues that they faced. Putting this podcast together, we had a plan and an idea of where…

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Things You Need to Know About Masturbation

May is Masturbation Month. So, in order to celebrate, I thought it might be useful to explore some of the things you need to know about this glorious act.   There is no right or wrong way We always want…

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How To Date During A Pandemic

Just as I’m about to launch some exciting little projects to do with dating, dating went and changed. It’s no longer single but dating, it’s single but isolated. But with all the changes, it just takes a little while to…

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The Silver Linings

At first, we kept using words like surreal and unprecedented, watching the news and wondering when someone would say it was all just a joke. Now, it seems reality has set in. I was fortunate enough to be a bit…

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