How To Co-parent During A Pandemic

During this time, it’s not always just relationship and sex advice that I will be aiming to give. I have been blessed to have amazing followers and subscribers, so I want to do what I can to help you. That…

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How A Pandemic Might Impact Your Love Life

There is not one person who isn’t impacted by coronavirus. Never before has most of the world been united in one battle. We are also facing an impact on our relationships and dating lives. I’m not going to use the…

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Warning… Valentine’s Day Is Ahead

It might sound odd that someone who is a relationship expert would be warning you about this day. Aren’t I supposed to be embracing all things love? Well yes, but also this day for me doesn’t always feel like that’s…

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Why I created a sex toy website

I’ve always enjoyed the world of adult pleasure products or what are still referred to sex toys. Before I was a sexologist, I was doing some freelance writing work and my first regular gig was with FHM magazine. One day…

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National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Today is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. I was just going to post a photo promoting and celebrating it, but instead I also wanted to share a bit about what health and fitness really means to me. I feel…

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Behind the scenes on ‘The Bachelor’

In last night’s episode of The Bachelor, someone familiar might just have appeared. I’ve always be a fan of the show and loved watching, so when I was asked to help explore intimacy and connections between Matt and the final…

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